segunda-feira, 10 de abril de 2006

Over the Flesh

If you´re the one behind these cold eyes, tell me
Do you see all that´s behind the curtain?
Do you cry for freedom with your heart in hand?
Is there a drop of blood in my face
Or am just crying what i´ve got in mind?

If you get to your knees on your everyday run
Tell me, did you woke up undone
With a world spinning ´round you much too fast
Can you reach the tide and walk aside
Smiling with the devil laughing inside your head

A drawing in the window came into living tonight
They´re insane, we´re insane
We´re all walking with hands tied
Towards the same dead end,

Do you pretend to walk outside?
Just let go the heart in your hands.

If you´re pointing the gun at my face, yell at me
That i´m denying myself, and killing my family
Make them see the monster you all built inside me
While i was running to stand here between your damn heads
Trying to hear a little more of what should and will never be.

Lay down all of you in your pillows
Make it better and rest in peace
I´m a threat, i am dead
Since i´ve been trying to walk myself out of your path.
Please, let me fall here
Let me be the one instead.

We´re all sharing one eternity, after all
These eyes are freezing just like yours
The curtain rises,
The faces blank,
And, again, they´ll close the doors.

And you want to escape, you better pray, boy
For your god´s in earth,
and god knows who´ll survive tonight.
You better sleep.
And let go the very air you breathe.
And hold the dream you´ve got in hands before you die.

Have a nice last day.

José Augusto Mendes Lobato 10/04/06

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