quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011


A dirty morning rose from your lonely eyes
And I have never seen it
This time you glance through windows,
But no one´s at sight
(No one, no one, no one, no one...)

You feel like something´s missing?
Let me guess what:
Your heart was just not beating
From one day to the other, it´s mother´s talk
Just once, just once – it´s time to sink
Just once, just once, just once, just once...

Cause you must fail
While i must try
You should never fade
I should always hide

While i follow
You have to stalk
Cause you´ve got the style
I´ve got the talk:

Feel free to descend from here.

(Again) you play the role of a worthy guy
Who´s never sure to mean it
Believer of good days which will pass by
Someone, someone, someone – lend a hand
Someone, someone, again…

Your life´s out of rail
It´s a hill you descend
You´re thrown in a cage
No one gives a damn
While i exist
You just pretend
Cause you´ve got the style
I got a life on my hands