segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2012


Let them in
But prepare yourself to be raped by ideas
Hated by your fears
You'd better pretend to be strong as usual
These days they force you to be tender
And somehow immune to defiance 
and greed;

If we're in, then,
Make room for some frustration
Let us be your home damnation;
Nobody could ever see
Sense in any of these, so
Believe me:
It's a single chance to forget it's fantasy,
to disbelieve;

Still, some say
Better to be thoughtful than static;
There's one mistake:
Not to be one - that's fantastic
Frustrate yourself,
So, as long as you never sleep,
You'll never notice
How this lack of sense of living,
This nonstop desire of leaving,
Is real - and, yet, somehow,