segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010


You wake up all sweaty,
Hurt, crying histerically,
Like something happened, something´s happening
All the time you´ve been resting
This world has changed,
The tides have wiped us out

Now someone else´s waking
So calm, snoozing heartly
And you, you´re next to a breaking dawn
Sunlight´s like a beam of heat,
That brings you down
This life has managed
To make you feel, everyday, so without

And you think to yourself
Ain´t nothing better than sleeping.

Don´t you feel like it´s slipping?
Going out of control? – No,
It gets nicer as you close off doors and windows,
It´s a pleasant sky,
the one reflected on other´s eyes,
the one you´ve never seen,
where you´ve never been,
and will never be,

But, someday, you´ll wake up dreaming
Everything around just so strange
And unbelieving,
And you can´t speak or hear in a greater range,
Your heart beats fast, though your mind is slowing;
It´s time to lay down and forget
Your anger, your hopelessness, your pain,
Our souls, our goals, our own goddamn names,