sábado, 21 de maio de 2011


If you ain´t guilty enough:
rise up, buddy
It´s better to count the fingers pointed at you
than stay here, waiting for a friend
or someone to lend you a shoulder

Nowadays, being evil´s become an obligation:
the more you fail, the more you´re human
The more they say you´ve been tough,
dry and cold
So why´s it such a piss to understand
people don´t change
people just sometimes wake up estranged

If you ain´t comprehensive enough:
cheer yourself up, my friend
Even if some say the opposite, you´re growing stronger
It´s better to hunt and discuss the matters in you
Than playing naive, waiting for a mask
To fall from the faces of others

Guess some days you have
this unquestionable wisdom:
But, anyway, the more you´re wounded
the more you say it clearly, the more you´re misjudged

But, hey, why´s it so hard to understand?
People won´t change when menaced
people just need sometimes to feel embraced
understood, justified and somehow known by start

If you know you ain´t such a devilish thug:
Sleep calmly, my friend,
And try to comprehend the uncomprehension of those.