sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010


There´s something beautiful in silence
And that´s so hard to discover
When you look at the window and, everyday,
there´s a mess ´round your eyes
that´s when you see
you judged a whole book by its cover;

This town´s so easy and charming
She´s conquered your heart, your mind and soul,
But ain´t there some charm in that good old damn town,
so dirty and dangerous and uncanny and forbidden
but you know - there, you just can´t go;

Feels good to be on your own,
sketching your own low drawings,
losin´ grip in your prayers and complaints:
could´t it be better if that was in vain?, you ask...

Guess not,
there´s a brand new game here to play,
so childish, so unholy
but, if you gain it,
you save the day.