segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Mind drive

Do we need to enlighten slowly
Just to get in someone's dirty arms
Lose all grips while roaming
Unconnected, but glowing
This is real life's only glory:
To be forced - to hate yourself
Though you dont know exactly who you are

May seem pretensious but it's no reason to worry
All these people don't deserve each other
With their ran-out-of-time minds, all in disorder
They're all connected, but never evolving
This is real-time untold story
No one's justice will save them from themselves

This is madness
And i'll try
Not to drift in the senseless
Mind drive

She needed to defy herself strongly
So what about pride? This came down easily
Someone says it's all about not thinking
She's unprotected, though claiming
All is perfect, at least unchanging:
This is real-time decadence
And everyone's pleased to watch it from afar
But me

This is emptiness
And i'll hide
I won't look after her in this senseless
Mind drive