quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012


Every day you get along here´s a trial
Believe me:
The only reason you´re living
Is your conscience´s survival
(so free me)

I´m leaving
But not before sharing some words
In the beginning
I feel you´re curious
But, somehow,
Expecting the worst;

These tunnel lights, they´re screaming
The sound, the crowd, the flashes,
The routine ashes,

Quiet sights and calm long nights
Are the only missing
Here I can´t be seen at all,
The landscape is much too small
Cut down by soulless ropes of iron
Bodies of concrete,
Skies of fire,

Now i´ll cut down the weed
And walk these walls and streets
Just to feel entire

Guess the alley downward
Can be somehow a path
For us to be
On wire.