terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013


She walks through the door
With her heart held in hand
Their eyes laid on her lap
She feels so estranged,
But won´t give up at last

Her hands have touched those of god
However, no one´s been sure of
She decided, then,
It´d be better on her own
Then nothing else would happen
Then no one would ever be damned
But her.

She crosses the avenue,
And traffic lights won´t reflect in her hands
And a thousand lives could be seen in her eyes
Though everyone could see, instead,
Bright, but lifeless, blue skies
Dancing on her parting glare

Those eyes had seen time
Pass through everyone´s door
She decided, then,
It´d be peacefully tender
To finish it on her own
So no one´s road would flatten
Nothing else would matter
No one else would be blessed
But her.