domingo, 13 de julho de 2008


They´re all melt in silence,
you wave your hands round and round
but all you catch are shapeless shades of tears

This warm summer´s breath,
is said to be driving everyone mad
but this room´s so quiet, i guess there´s nothing like fear

God knows how i´ve tried to hold you tight,
and seize the day:
I guess they´re leading our way...

So you´re searching for these flies at night
but they´re all already dead;
You´re dreaming of those blackened skies
but they´re all already red.

They step into violence,
kill each other with hands untied
but all they win´s a blood-stained hand of fate

The lights have been shut,
I´ve seen many faces of God,
and them all hurt and lead to the same disgrace

No one knows where to hide, ´cos we´re in the tide
tied to some selfish plan:
I guess everyone should just sit and wait...

Believe you got reasons to fight, but
clean up the blood in your hands;
You dream of souless devils, but,
look in the mirror, my friend.

2 comentários:

Marcão disse...

Aff que bosta, simplista e sem direção.

Os pseudo isso e aquilo estão sempre fazendo esse tipo de lixo....

Guto Lobato disse...

Críticas são sempre boas e bem vindas, desde que construtivas, "Marcão"... visite sempre! :)