quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2006

XXIX - All the Waiting

I can´t remember my name
Nor even where i came from
I can´t believe a smile
Could burn my face while
I was trying to walk alone

I´m waiting for a name
This shell i´m in will soon be gone
Tomorrow would you recognize me
Just before i break free
I´m trying to walk alone

If somebody´s to judge them
To burn them
To sink under control,
such hate
Can´t grow
And who´s awake enough
To see beyond
All the waiting
I´m into this and i won´t
Go,for i´m breathing deep and slow
Trying to keep the air in me
To resist all insanity

I see you´ve grown in such a game
Now you can´t remember who
Was the one who gave you a name
A home,a heart,a soul

And now i´m waiting to hear it again
And again,until i´m sure
That i´m nothing now
And you´re another out there
Trying to feel secure
In fear...

If somebody´s to hear us
To thinks of us
As people who can go insane
And make them sink inside their lies
And let desires throw away their every lives
In all the waiting
We´ve come to this?
No,now i´m letting go
And all you will know
That i´m growing for nothing

José Augusto Mendes Lobato 16/02/06

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